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Want a great family photo? Just have fun!

Relaxed family photo

Whilst the aim of a business headshot is always to look professional and business-like, personal portraits are doubtless more varied, depending on the character of the individuals involved. For a family portrait, it's important to provide something that will look good on the mantelpiece, but I also like to capture an image that shows something of the interplay between different family members.

Happy portrait of brother and sister

This recent photo session was going pretty well... I had prepared some different ideas to try and the family was happy to go along with this. We got some nice shots. But it all really came alive once we'd worked through the list in my head and just started to play around! The children both had different outfits and looks in mind, and everyone enjoyed trying on some different personas.

Monochrome portrait - boy looking cool

The lesson learned? Maybe that the best shots come along when both subject and photographer relax and enjoy themselves!

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