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From networking to collaboration

Some while ago, I went to one of those business networking events where you say hello to what feels like One Squillion people in the space of an hour or so, sustained only by some stewed coffee and a slightly soft Danish Pastry. Amongst the blur of faces met was Helen Holgate, who was in the process of establishing Oreo PA. Helen is a “Virtual Assistant”, providing a broad range of business support services to executives, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Informal seated business headshot

This was one of those occasions where there are opportunities for two businesses to help each other. Helen went on to carry out some excellent market research that I would never have had time for, whilst I was able to provide Helen with new headshots for her website, LinkedIn and other social media.

To provide Oreo PA with a flexible range of images, we took time during the 'shoot to capture some alternative looks and a change of clothes. When processing the images, I edited to provide varying crops and file resolutions, to offer Helen the most suitable options for different uses.

Oreo PA offers support with event management, executive and personal Assistance, facilities and office management, financial and legal administration, health and safety, human resources, procurement and travel management.

“Malcolm was very professional, friendly and made me feel at ease. I am very pleased with the photos and very proud to use them on my social media profiles and website. Malcolm was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring professional headshots.”
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