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Pushing the Button

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Rob Bentley, East Midlands Chamber

One of the best decisions that I made last year was to sign up with a training programme for business start ups. As a newbie business owner, I wanted to get in control of all the necessary business skills as quickly as possible so that I could concentrate on the bit that I loved – delivery of photography.

Luckily, there was a free programme available that covered just what I needed. East Midlands Chamber was exhorting fledgling businesses to “Push the Button” by offering a 10-week course covering business planning, finances, marketing, and more besides. The sessions were well thought out and delivered. In some cases they reassured me that I already knew the principles [Insert smug expression here, go take some more pictures]; on other occasions they raised my awareness of things that I'd kept just outside of my consciousness [Go to HMRC website, Do Not Pass Go].

One further benefit that I hadn't anticipated, was the opportunity to begin developing my network of fellow business owners. Learning alongside others who were going through the same process was a great way to increase confidence and a number of us have since been able to find ways of working collaboratively.

Liam Parker of Parkside High CIC, addressing the conference

So it was pinch-worthy to find myself, one year later, taking the photographs for a conference event to celebrate the successes of that very same Business Starter Programme. Top marks to East Midlands Chamber and sponsors Derbyshire County Council and Derby City Council for laying on the event. And really exciting to see and hear from other newbies who have successfully “pushed the button”. Well done, everyone!

Top row: Liam Parker, Parkside High CIC and Fiona Coulson, The Pet Servant

Bottom row: Eloise Barnett and Nicola Warner, SENDS Support CIC

All photos taken at the D2 Business Starter Programme Celebration Event, organised by East Midlands Chamber on 11 April 2019. Copyright of Malcolm the Photographer.

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